A class changing implementation in infrastructure technologies…

As ADT Teknik İnşaat, we present you high qualified, long lasting and accurate solutions in UV CIPP Trenchless rehabilitation technique and trenchless infrastructure technologies. This advance technology system integrated to main pipe, is applied with lineer material and UV light technology.

Conventional synthetic fibers of which mechanical specifications have been developed, provides a lower thickness than CIPP covering and all other covering technologies and thus composes a sustainable product for targeted infrastructures. At the same time, glass fiber supported plastic (GFRP) materials, provides first class of corrosion resistance and provides resistant infrastructures.

Racine supported materials prepared specially in factory environment, are protected inside their special packages. This system which is integrated to main type, composes healthy infrastructures without any problems. This application stands on the front line in terms of quality, durability, resistance tests and high technology in trenchless technologies,