Our milling robots are at work for smooth pipes

Undesired materials and objects which have been determined during visual inspection, should be milled with special robots. These particulars that cause deadlocks since they lock the flow inside the pipe and blocking particulars, wrong connections. concreting, tree particulars and leaves as well as roots of several plants, pipe parts, screws are eliminated with milling robots and hydraulic flow is being reobtained.


DN 130 / DN 300 ROBOTIC is designed for pipe diameters from 130 mm to 300 mm, can be adapted for pipes with a diameter of 300 mm by adding rims and weight. Motion and working are designed to reach all the zones within its field. The scope of freedom of such a capable robot has a critical prescription for the APPLICATION area. Movement freedom is measured as the degree of freeness. Control functions;

  • Ability to move forward and backward
  • Rotate the working arm over 200 degrees on both sides
  • Upgrading and Downgrading
  • 360-degree continuous rotation
  • Pan up and down with camera
  • Lighting control

DN 200 / DN 800 ROBOTIC is designed for pipe diameters of 200 mm and over. It can be used in pipe diameters of 800 mm by adding extra weight and spreading the appropriate wheels. The robot also has a stable mobility so that it can be clamped in the sewer pipe. The center of gravity of robot has a direct effect on its access to the entire pipe surface. It is equipped with a powerful LED spotlight and high resolution CCD color camera. The camera lens can be remotely cleaned using the integrated CLEANING device.