For strong, durable and long lasting solutions, polyethylene material…
We come across with polyethylene material in nearly all aspects of our daily life. This verg strong material, has already been approved for many implementation methods. Thanks to its unique chemical and physiological specifications, especially in water and waste water lines, it is commonly used. Material, which is also used in warehouses including gas, takes attentior with its durability as well as 100 years of use. DIN 8075 High Amounnt of Durability Certificate, proves the existence of all these specifications.
• High density.
• It can be implemented on 800 mm / 2500 mm diameter lines.
• Can be applied fast and easy.
• Has concrete protective characteristics.
• Provides %100 leakage proof.
• Have permanent resistance to chemical materials.
• Resistant to corrosions.
• Resistant to impacts.
• It does hot ease off and dangle.
• Provides high debit with anti-adhesive surface.
• It has ecological nature standards certificate.