Detailed detection in a short time by portable zoom camera technology

High-tech zoom chimney (menhole) cameras that is a lightweight, portable and high-resolution video surveillance system which can easily be operated by an expert operator; It makes it extremely easy to work and perform quick inspections in pipelines, wells, boilers, sewage treatment plants, steam boilers, tanks, vessels and other hard to reach areas. These equipment, which is specially developed for unmanned intervention and detection inspections in industrial or environmental facilities, provides detailed detection with panoramic and zoom images. Lightweight, portable and adjustable carbon fiber equipment fitted with a telescoping pole adjustable to the depth. Detailed monitoring and detection can be performed with automatic focusing and self-contained waterproof lighting. Cracks, fractures, collapses, pipe separations and various deformations are recorded with this imaging. The high intensity discharge LEDs in its body, the sonar HD plus camera specially designed for professional infrastructures and portable energy make it possible to carry out long-term detection. Axis and zoom scale, which can be adjusted for each pipe and intervention area, can be easily controlled by the operator. Our company offers pioneering and professional service to our country with its zoom chimney (menhole) camcorders which it has in its portfolio as it is in all other fields.