The most advantageous solution in trenchless repair…

The most stable solution proposed after cleaning and determination of defaults with visual inspection, are total or partial covering rehabilitation methods. Considering heavy environmental and traffic conditions in the cities today, since trenchless pipe repairs have turned into an obligatory implementation, its importance is significantly rising.

For durable solution modified PVC pipe
PVC based pipe with memory, which is specially manufactured, strengthened and have the characteristics of high durability, is defined as modified PVC pipe. In order to obtain full and independent structural integrity, the pipe has an extraordinary durability and dimensional
stability. Modified PVC pipe which is specially manufactured for each pipe diameter (diameters between 150 mm and 800 mm), are winded on a reel and transported and stored like this.
On the reels of modified PVC pipes, depending on pipe diameters and implementation method, there are stored shapes (u, h, ı) prior to rehabilitation. After rehabilitation modified PVC pipes take the shape of first manufactured shape for all diameters and thus is integrated to the main piMakaralar üzerindeki modifiye PVC boruların boru çaplarına ve uygulama tekniğine bağlı olarak, rehabilitasyon öncesi katlanmış (u,h,ı) şekilleri bulunuyor. Modifiye PVC borular, kazısız rehabilitasyon sonrası tüm boru çapları için ilk üretildiği boru şeklini tam olarak alıyor ve mevcut ana boruya entegre oluyor.


Superior Material Characteristics

• Durable for earthquakes (Its durability was proved in 1997 California earthquake)
• It is fully adaptative to 90 degrees of elbows/ directional changes and narrowing in the diameters of pipes, without creating any crinkles inside the pipe.
• It has self deflating characteristics in the state of burning.
• It has at least 50 years of using period with guarantee.
• Its suitability with human and environmental health is documented with American (Tap Water) Specifications.
• It is also used in tap water pipe lines. (American NSF Specifications)
• Rehabilitation/covering can be undertaken in four seasons, twelve months in every weather conditions.
• It is an accurate solution to prevent leakage and flows from tap water pipes.
• It decreases friction and this increasing flow rate (debit).
• Since it is a trencless method, it does not disturb environment and does not effect traffic in negative manner .
• The leakage proof of the pipe and their leakage proof towards outer loads have been maintained.

Special Solution for infrastructural pipes which have been deformed

Trenchless rehabilitation method undertaken by using modified PVC material, is named as Podified PVC material Fold and Form Method. Thanks to superior characteristics of modified PVC material, modified pipe takes the shape of deformed old pipe and thus the method has been realized.
Modified PVC material, famous of its significant durability, lowers the high pressure levels without waving quality.

With its thermal shaping characteristics, PVC composed pipe lining is capable of taking the shape of the pipe which it will penetrate in. Apart from its durability, flexibility, softness and fitting, PVC pipe lining has a huge amount of resistance towards chemical materials and corrosion. Experience obtained from long years of laboratory tests and real time facilities, prove that our products will stay solid in typical sewerage environments.

Rehabilitation Application
At least 24 hours prior to rehabilitation implementations, necessary information should be delivered to people and institutions and management in environment. During implementation, in the lines with high flow rate, in order to divert pipe to another direction, a by-pass system may be established. For the pipe chosen for rehabilitation, the examination of inside the pipe by using cameras, in other words by making visual inspection prior to rehabilitation, should be undertaken. While doing this, preheating process has been initiated for modified PVC pipe. Modified PVC pipe is drawn on a reel in a closed trailer (cabin) and in order to heat up the lining, vapor is applied inside the cabin. The duration of heating up the lining of the modified PVC pipe may be one or two and half hours due to the length of the work. Modified PVC reel is heated up with vapor inside the cabin and duration of the process varies according to the length of the pipe.

Kazısız Rehabilitasyon Uygulama Aşamaları

Modified PVC pipe is supplied from point A
It is pulled through the pipe from point A to point B
Pulled out from point B

Trolley cable is carried from one menhole to the other by using pipe axis. The end of the rope inside the menhole is tied with modified PVC pipe over heated reel and is moved inside the pipe with trolley. In order to lift the pressure on it, the lining is delivered inside the pipe in line with the operation speed of trolley. Heated and flexible modified PVC pipe is carried from one menhole to the other with the help of trolley.

Vapour process tapes are put on the edges of lining and delivered inside the lining. Vapor enlarges the lining and attaches it strictly to taking pipe. This process lasts one hour in normal conditions. Modified PVC pipe lining fits with the irregular shapes of taking pipe, in order to decrease ground water carriage potential between lining and the pipe, it is strictly fitted and pasted. Vapour process tapes are put on both edges of modified PVC pipe from one menhole to another menhole.

Special steam plugs are attached to points A and B
Special steam plugs are attached to points A and B

When PVC composed pipe lining has been completely processed, its edges are cut and smoothed.
Parcel and service connections determined in pre rehabilitation inspections, are opened with the help of special robots. After opening of implementation and service connections, post rehabilitation inspection CCTV (closed circuit TV) is undertaken and visions are kept under record

After implementation, the pipe will be r eady for service with its single part, longs lasting structure resistant to earthquakes in order to ensure maximum amount of productivity due to its leakage proof characteristics.

Application is completed by cutting A and B points
Video Inspection After Rehabilitation