The construction of quality documents that will guide the construction process is the most important factor in the successful construction projects. It is important that these documents are created in accordance with the project requirements and that they are complete, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the process, as well as the completion of the applications at the planned quality, budget and time.

Technical specifications are an key part of the contract documents, which are legal and binding documents that define the responsibilities of the parties in a construction contract. The main function of the technical specifications is to define project characteristics and performance, manufacturing conditions, BUILDING components and their properties and implementation methods, quality assurance and quality control requirements and ADMINISTRATIVE and ADMINISTRATIVE requirements.

The researches carried out in construction and infrastructure projects to determine critical success factors according to different project objectives emphasize the importance of technical specifications. The adequacy of drawings and specifications for the achievement of the budget, quality and time objectives of a construction project in these surveys has been determined as the essential critical success factor which must be absolutely necessary in the projects. In order for a BUILDING or structure to be successful, the most important factor is that the project and its specifications have been prepared correctly.

It has been determined that incorrectly erroneous and incompletely arranged technical specifications cause the re-manufacturing and thus additional costs. In many countries, various organizations have made arrangements for technical specifications to ensure correct and complete preparation of technical specifications and developed systems, formats and coding systems. There are also companies and organizations in these countries that prepare standard technical specification data for a construction project at the same time, continuously develop and update them, and provide this information to those who need it.

The technical criteria to be prepared should be such that the technical criteria to be determined are aimed at ensuring the productivity and functionality, that there are no obstacles to competition and that equal opportunities are to be provided for all tenderers. The ADT has aimed to build up the premises of high-quality, less costly and long-lived BUILDINGs in a short period of time by evaluating the technical specification and APPLICATION details in all these frameworks.