• Develop detailed business analysis structure,
  • It provides estimates of the work required for each operation,
  • The tasks are ordered according to the order of construction,
  • Sets the start / end time for each task,
  • Develop detailed budget for each task,
  • Allows appointment of appropriate contacts,

ADT has been aiming to successfully complete high quality construction and infrastructure projects with planned, controlled and programmed project management. Project groups bringing together clients with anticipations about the outcomes of the infrastructure projects carried out within the framework of corporate trust and quality definition are taking care to complete the project on time by developing original strategies and methodologies. By examining the variable parameters in the project, the risk analysis which ensures that the project is minimized against the unforeseen changes is kept active continuously. The evaluation-matrix APPLICATION that controls productivity in the project implementation process helps to visualize the project management and to ensure effective and balanced progress of the project which is limited in terms of time, finance and resource use.