“The success of a project; The effort you will spend in planning it will happen at the rate of your care and ability. “

In ADT’s Management of Projects defined as a set of organized activities to reach predetermined results; It aims to provide planning, management and control of resources such as people, tools and materials so that the project can be realized in the most efficient way, taking the time, cost and technical situations into consideration.

In a successfully managed project, we are institutional production; (Or earlier) to fulfill the promised functions and to be realized within the planned budget (or with less expenditure).

In addition, our project management;

  • ANALYSIS: Determination of what to do,
  • DESIGN: How to determine how to do it,
  • PLANNING: When, by whom, by what budget to be determined,
  • APPLICATION: It is based on the criteria that the plans are passed on to achieve the goal.

It is aimed to protect the operation against changing social, economical, political and technical limits by using our project management with effective use of human tools, materials, money and information, providing cost effective, timely and desired performance and quality customer satisfaction, timely access to company targets.

In ADT project management, as the general responsibilities of the managers;

  • To be able to determine goals and plans to achieve these goals well,
  • Effective coordination of individuals, ideas and resources,
  • To be able to comprehend the scope of the project and the importance of the success of the company and transfer it to the whole project team members,
  • To be able to remove intra-group disputes and personal disputes,The whole team is motivated to successfully complete the project,
  • To distribute authority and responsibilities in an appropriate manner,
  • We constantly deal with customer satisfaction to accept customer focus,
  • The principle of monitoring the progress of the project within the framework of the plans and making corrective actions if necessary is the principle.