Sustainable infrastructure, superstructure and projecting of all transportation networks by effectively using natural and economic resources, in fact, makes it important to protect and improve healthy environmental conditions.
Based on this understanding, ADT offers consultancy services with innovative design and well-equipped staff for technological infrastructure projects, trenchless REHABILITATION applications, construction, architecture and engineering projects, taking into account human and environment-oriented economic and ecological resource management.

The project management that we have developed with understanding of solution partnership for all the institutions and organizations that we serve and the projects that have been successfully completed as a result of consultancy services offered to them show the importance of this field of activity. It is anticipated from every project, which are intended at implementing innovations that will disrupt traditional economic practices and rapid changes in economic life, to be maximally efficient in a way to be economically and financially profitable. Many management items such as budgeting of target costs to increase project efficiency, monitoring and improving these costs during the project, evaluation of project finance as process and stage and optimization of resources and activity processes are successfully implemented both in the works produced by ADT itself and in the direction of requests from customers. ADT keeps the necessary planning, project management and consultancy services in line with the required quality criteria to ensure that the project is completed with optimum financial resources.