Pipe Inspection for determination of breakdowns

Several wastes in time cause melting and accumulation inside the pumps. There are also cracks, breaks, slides, collapses and separation from joint points and deadlocks deriving from all aforementioned issues. By making visual inspection following cleaning, current situation of the infrastructures are recorded as well as breakdowns can be determined.

Inspection Technology to clarify the situation of infrastructure…

For a healthy visual inspection, the pipes of which visual inspection will be undertaken, the cleaning should be made in prior. Our special inspection cameras move from one menhole to the other with the help of cables and takes the vision of the pipe under record. With their heads able to turn 360 degree, cameras may able to record all details. Recorded visions determine accurate and clear information about current and operating conditions of infrastructures.

Channel Imaging Equipment
There are special cameras available for each pipe diameter; Special cameras for small diameters (Ø70mm / Ø200mm)
Special cameras for pipe diameters of Ø150mm & Ø800mm
Special cameras for Ø800mm & Ø2500 mm pipe diameters
New superior technology: Panoramic cameras

With panoramic cameras, pipe inspections can be done at a significantly higher speed than conventional systems. On the other hand, the user also receives a processed illustration as well as a 3D file containing a seamless record of the entire pipe inspection. Invaluable advantage: independent of the actual sewer inspection, it is possible to assess the condition at OFFICE any time – as if you are at the control point. The viewer can move freely in the sewer pipe without any viewing restrictions, can stall in any position, can be rotated 360 °, zoom, navigate, and backward. All this can be recorded without affecting the recorded IMAGING material in any way. Connections that are carved in place, protruding pipe connections, etc. can be viewed in detail from all directions. PANORAMO digital cameras allow the operator to adjust the video mode for the display screen during the inspection operation while the operator is passing through the important sections, as well as the ability to examine the sewer pipes using scanner technology. Thus, moving elements such as flowing water can be shown as they are in conventional sewage cameras.

Channel View Tools
Channel Imaging Tools Application Pictures